3 Months – 18 Months

At Petite Ambassadors Day Nursery, we provides warmth, fun and security for children under 18 months. 

The baby's and toddlers area is set up to allow staff to provide the appropriate activities for your child’s age group and developmental stage. 

It is important for children of this age to receive continuity of care between nursery and home therefore the nursery staff will ensure your child’s routine is maintained and developed. 

The staff encourage the babies to freely explore and enjoy their play activities in a safe, relaxed environment allowing them to develop their  confidence, independence and learning. 

We have a variety of resources, activities and experiences on offer for children under 12 months in line with the EYFS Curriculum: 

  • Music, songs, rhymes, to copy actions and musical instruments to explore different concepts such as loud and soft, fast and to get different facial expressions from the different sounds of music. 

  • ‘Peek-a-boo’ and other simple interactive games to encourage social interaction. 

  • Treasure Baskets (baskets containing sensory items with (First Steps) different textures, sounds and smells). 

  • Extensive selection of books, stories and rhymes which helps to develop communication and language. 

  • Sand play, water play, painting, and play dough, help develop creativity and it is a sensory experience for young children. 

  • Outside fun – Children are taking outside on a daily basis to explore the outdoor environment.

The following are a variety of resources, activities and experiences on offer for children 13 months - 18 months in line with the EYFS Curriculum: 

  • Music, songs, rhymes, musical instruments, action songs (‘ring-a-rosies’, ‘this little piggy’) to develop language skills, physical development and expression through music.

  • Your child will be encouraged to access resources and exercise freedom of choice about the activities they wish to participate in. 

  • Stimulating conversation, interactive play and learning to socialise, share and make friends is all part of the day. 

  • Daily walks and outdoor play/activities.

  • Heuristic Play (play using everyday objects such as wooden spoons and pans which encourages curiosity and exploration and offers opportunities to categorise and compare). 

  • The nursery staff will support your child through toilet training and developing independence at meal times in a secure, loving environment. 

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