Petite Ambassadors Day Nursery will offer Nursery provision throughout the year only closing for Bank Holidays,  Christmas/New Year, Easter Holidays and two additional training days per year (with prior notice) for essential staff training as required by Ofsted.  If the training day falls on a day when your child usually attends nursery, all fees are due as normal. If the nursery is forced to close due to adverse weather conditions or an emergency, all fees are due as normal.

There is a non-returnable registration fee of £70.00 and a deposit of 4 weeks fees is payable 2 months before your child's start date (where possible).  Once your deposit has been paid it will not be refunded if you decide, for any reason, not to take up the reserved place.  The deposit goes into a holding account and will be credited to your last invoice providing all payments are up to date and the full 30-day notice has been given in writing. Days when we are closed for holiday are not included in the notice period.

Once a start date has been agreed deferment of your place will be at the discretion of Petite Ambassadors.​


All fees are payable in advance by the 1st working day of each month. Details for payment are on the invoices which will be emailed to you unless otherwise requested. £25.00 is charged for late payments.

Red Head Baby
Curious Girl
Baby's Grasp
Playing with Toys
Baby Playing with Building Blocks
Wooden Cars
Playing in Nursery
Playing with Animals

Extra hours or days will be charged at the full going rate. i.e. one full time day, one core time day or any extra hours added to your child’s usual attendance. Longer term additional days required, due to exceptional circumstances will be charged at a rate arranged by discretion of the owner.

Please be advised:

  • We offer both the Universal 15 hours as well as the extra 15 for those eligible through HMRC, details of which will be given before your child is 3.  These hours are not completely free of charge as we levy an “additional services & hours” package.

  • There will be no refunds for absences, however caused.

  • We charge £30.00 for dishonoured cheques.

  • Fees are subject to periodic review. You will be given one month’s notice of any changes to our charges.

  • Siblings: We make no additional registration charge if you would like more than one of your children to attend Petite Ambassador.

  • We are only allowed to administer doctor prescribed medicine, which will be written in the medicine book at all times and parents must sign.

  • Please let us know in advance if your child is to be collected by someone else.  The person picking up your child will need to have some form of identification on them saying who they are; or must use a pre-arranged password.

  • For regular collection by someone other than you, a ‘Parental Permission Form’ will need to be signed in advance.