18 Months - 24 Months

As well as many activities mentioned in the previous age range (3 months - 18 months), your child will also be able to participate in: 

  • Extensive selection of books, stories, poems and rhymes to encourage communication and language. 

  • Multi-cultural activities and celebrations as well as activities such as singing and using musical instruments.

  • Daily opportunities for outdoor experiences.

  • Computer skills through the supervised use of interactive educational programmes.  The nursery also has a wide range of interactive toys and resources to further your child’s I.T knowledge. 

  • Mark making activities with pencils, chalk, crayons, paint brushes and felt tips.

  • Sand play and water play to introduce early science concepts such as pouring, measuring, wet, dry, full, empty. 

  • Extensive opportunities for encouraging expressive development through painting, gluing and drawing using a variety of art materials. 

  • Play dough and clay activities because these are sensory experiences which will encourage fine motor skills in hands and fingers. 

  • Using the pair of scissors appropriate for their age range.

  • Role play activities such as dressing up, using puppets and ‘let’s pretend’ in the home corner.  Children use role play to make sense of the world around them through acting out familiar experiences. 

  • Cooking and baking activities appropriate for their age range to develop their science knowledge such as measuring and weighing. Healthy eating habits are also encouraged. 

  • Caring for living things and to gain knowledge of nature and the world around them. 

  • An extensive range of construction toys such as bricks and Lego to encourage fine motor skills in the fingers and hands. 

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